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The Full Story

Kristina is an international psychic, medical intuitive, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, and vibrational sound healer. A life long student of music, she received a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from the West Texas A&M School of Music. While pursuing her dream of becoming an opera singer, she had a surgery that left her unable to sing without pain. Facing the loss of her identity as a musician, this triggered her healing journey and rediscovery of her connection to spirit and her energetic gifts.


Through careful practice and learning from her teachers, Rachel Kirkland, Karen Hutchins, Don Conreaux, Tim Byford, and Aidan McIntyre - she was able to dedicate herself fully to the metaphysical and healing path, and now shares those gifts with others through private sessions, and corporate sound bath experiences. She loves to help others, and hold space for healing & spiritual journeys. Through her gifts she is able to see inside the body to help uncover stuck energy, energy blockages, and deliver healing through her hands, with sound, or using shamanic techniques. 


Gongs are her primary instrument when doing sound healing because they encompass so many frequencies and are themselves a representation of the universe where all frequencies and vibrations exists. She always felt called to music, and instruments with expansive versatility and range. Kristina channels what frequencies and sounds will help to heal, relax, or release the energies in the body, and loves traveling all over Texas to play her gongs, and share her energetic gifts. 

In her spare time she practices herbalism, loves traveling with her husband and going on short walks with her dogs, Walter & Milton.

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