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Psychic Readings & Healing

Psychics move between worlds and pick up on information from non-ordinary reality, or the spirit world. During a reading with Kristina, she combines both psychic and shamanic techniques by connecting or melding with your energy body to connect to your own spirit guides and your higher-self to answer questions, provide guidance, and energy healing. 


Medical Intuitive readings

Medical Intuitive readings by Kristina can be insightful and are often more emotionally driven. Many types of energy can get stuck in the body: heavy feelings, unprocessed feelings, unprocessed trauma, limiting beliefs, emotions around life events, and unprocessed past life baggage brought into this lifetime. During a medical intuitive reading, Kristina "sees"inside the body, and often these readings lead to a sound or shamanic healing. This is because there is often emotion tied to a physical issue. 

SHamanic Healing

If you've ever felt stuck, anxious, trapped, or like a part of you is missing or blocked, shamanic techniques can help relieve these energies. Sound is used to both lead the mind and spirit on a transformative journey. This synchronicity of the mind, energy body, spirit body, and physical body allows the person to travel along the path their soul sets in front of them. All kinds of energy can come through during a shamanic healing or shamanic journey: peace of mind, redirection, loved ones who've passed on, a "to-do list", past life trauma and healing, as well as rejuvenation and rest.


Vibrational SOund Healing

Kristina is a classically trained musician who has a deep reverence for music, sound, and vibration. She has performed many types of music, and has been able to observe audience's reactions, as well as how her own body responds to certain sounds. She uses this fine-tuned, sensitive approach to her sound healing, and feels how you respond during a session. While playing a gong, singing bowls, rattling, or drumming, Kristina continually monitors your energy, emotions, spirit, and higher guidance when facilitating a 1-1 vibrational sound healing session.


Sound Bath Experiences

Come experience the magic of the gong, and drop in to a space of healing. During Kristina's sound bath experiences, various instruments will be used to complement the soothing vibrations of the gongs. Take some time for yourself to help release tension, lighten your mood, and integrate the infinite vibrations of the universe. Sound Bath Experiences are generally open to the public, and last 1-3 hours. Locations and dates can be found here. If you would like to have a sound/gong bath at your event, click below. 

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