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Psychic Readings & Healing

In Shamanism, we perceive our dual worlds as ordinary reality, and non-ordinary reality. Psychics (or intuitives, as some may call them, although I think there is an argument that intuitives and psychics can be two different labels) move between worlds and pick up on information from non-ordinary reality, or the spirit world.

During a reading with Kristina she combines both psychic techniques to connect with your energy body, and this facilitates the connection to your own spirit guides and higher-self. The higher-self is the part of you that exists without judgment, and always wants whats best for you. Your higher-self has the perception of multiple realities and timelines, so often this what guides the reading, and has answers to your questions.

What to expect from a Psychic Reading & Healing?

First, bring questions! Kristina will be able to scan your body, and see stuck energies, and emotions. But, this does not mean that you will receive answers to your pressing questions. When in a reading it is best to speak about what you are needing/wanting during the session. If you don't set the intention, then spirit will go where spirit will go, and that may mean having a different experience than what you were wanting.

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