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Sound Bath Experiences

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Come experience the magic of the gong, and drop in to a space of healing. During Kristina's sound bath experiences, various instruments will be used to complement the soothing vibrations of the gongs. As a classically trained singer and musician, Kristina approaches sound healing withe a deep respect for music, and its ability to soothe the soul, energy body, and physical presence. Sound Baths & Gong Baths are time to rest, release and can be the ultimate form of self-care.

What to Expect During a Sound Bath?

During a sound bath, you can relax however you like, sleeping, laying down, meditating, or sitting up watching the magic of the vibrations wash over the room. We use the term "bath" to describes the engulfing sound vibrations during the session. However, this does not mean sound baths are loud; Kristina focuses on the vibrations & frequency, not the amplitude, and finds soft sounds, that are barely audible, can be deeply felt by the physical body.

Kristina travels all over Texas to perform sound bath experiences, and you can find more info on her events page. Take some time for yourself to help release tension, lighten your mood, and integrate the infinite vibrations of the universe.

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