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Vibrational Sound Healing - Individual Sessions

Sound and vibration are found in the earliest of historical texts. The early Christian church used sound/music to attract followers, and retain them. This is why so much of historical western music is religious in nature (yes, an over simplification, but this blog post isn't the place to dive down the sacred western classical music rabbit hole). What we can take away from historical references to music, is that people have always been drawn to beautiful sound, either because of its beauty, or its ability to give peace to your soul and subtle-energy body. Whether it's rhythmic drumming, chanting, or playing music, some form has been present throughout recorded history.

Kristina is a classically trained musician who has a deep reverence for music, sound, and vibration. She has performed many types of music, and has been able to observe audience's reactions, as well as how her own body responds to certain sounds. She uses this fine-tuned, sensitive approach to her sound healing. She feels how you respond during a session, and continually monitors your energy, emotions, spirit, and higher guidance when facilitating a 1-1 vibrational sound healing session. Kristina's instruments are a vital part of the healing session, as they speak, and respond to your body. Her gongs, singing bowls, rattles, and drums can help you to relax, reach a parasympathetic nervous system response, clear out stuck energies, or work with the mind to reach clarity.

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