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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a worldview. It teaches us to listen to the sprits within every rock, tree, creature and inanimate objects. Shamanism recognizes our inner knowing, innate ability to heal, and to recapture things that are lost within our spirit. Above all, the mother earth and her natural energies, are what shamans channel to provide guidance and healing.

Shamanic Healing is about embracing all aspects of the soul, and reintegrating the wounded, forgotten, or discarded parts of our spirit and energy bodies. This is part of a greater knowing that we are all connected, and we have free will to reclaim the energies we've blocked, discarded, or cleaved off in a past life. Kristina performs curse removal, chord cutting, soul retrieval, and psychopomp in the style of her teacher Karen Hutchins, whose teacher was Sandra Ingerman. She uses drums, rattles, and gongs to facilitate healing, and reintegration of the spirit, and energy bodies.

Why would a shamanic healing be beneficial?

If you've ever felt stuck, trapped, or like a part of you is missing or blocked, shamanic techniques can help relieve these energies among others. Sound is used to both lead the mind as well as distract the mind. For some people they focus on the sound and this allows them to receive messages, and energies that might otherwise be blocked. Others fall into the sound and become one with the vibration. This synchronicity of the mind, energy body, spirit body, and physical body allows the person to travel along the path their soul sets in front of them. All kinds of energy can come through during a shamanic healing or shamanic journey: peace of mind, redirection, loved ones who've passed on, a "to-do list", past life trauma and healing, as well as rest.

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